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Monday, May 16 • 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Demonstration Session

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Join us in the exhibit hall for presentations on and demonstrations of conservation products and services! Read on below for a listing of demonstration topics:

Applied Surface Technologies: CO2 Snow Cleaning of art objects

We demonstrate CO2 Snow Cleaning to cleaning and restoring art. This precision cleaning process removes particles of all sizes and hydrocarbon based residues. We will demonstrate the K1-10-Art-1 unit, which uses heated compressed air about the CO2 snow stream, for cleaning clean different forms of art. 

Bruker Corporation:

Bruker’s LUMOS FT-IR: Quick and Easy Infrared Microanalysis of Art Objects
Bruker will demonstrate the LUMOS – a fully integrated FT-IR Microscopy for micro-analysis and chemical mapping using transmission, reflection and ATR modes. 

More than Just Elements: Layer Thickness and Bruker XRF
XRF is widely used for elemental analysis, but it can also be used to evaluate the layering in an object. We will discuss the principles and limitations of this approach along with an example of how a layered object can be identified in the spectrum. 

Analysis of Historical Paintings
Micro XRF is a non-destructive analysis technique for full area elemental mapping of paintings for composition and depth profiling. See specific examples of this technique in action. 

Demonstrations will occur every 15 minutes.

ClickNetherfield: RENEWVITRINE

Operations Director Alistair Williams will be giving a product demonstration of our new product RENEWVITRINE. He will be examining the issue of glass hazing that can form on inside surfaces of glass in museum showcases. He will be demonstrating how RENEWVITRINE can work to inhibit haze and prolong the useful life of a showcase.

Demonstrations will take place at the following times: 12:05-12:30, 12:35-1, 1:05-1:30, 1:35-2.

Dorfman Museum Figures: ADJUST your thinking: Working with a DORFMAN Conservation Form

See how to work with a Classic adjustable Dorfman Conservation Form. We will take apart a chest block, adjust it, and put it back together.

Demonstrations will take place every 30 minutes.

G.C. Laser Systems, Inc.:Laser systems for conservation built by conservators

We are pleased to present the cutting edge GC-1 laser cleaning system and explain the unique features that make this patent pending technology a game changer for conservation.  We will also show project examples where this technology was used in projects by the Conservation of Sculpture & Objects Studio Inc.. Come see if this conservation tool is right for your projects.

Kremer Pigments: Watercolor-making demo by Roger Carmona at Booth 413

Learn the different techniques of mulling watercolor paints. Understand the differences of pigment personalities with this ancient binder. Alternative binders to gum arabic will be discussed.

Demonstrations will be 30 minutes at 12, 12:30, 1, 1:30, and 2.

Newco, Inc.:
Digital Radiography- What's the difference?

Chris Watters from Newco, Inc. demonstrates the latest in digital radiography and discusses technical considerations between detector technologies. Current practices in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) industry and how they relate to the conservation field will also be discussed. 

Demonstrations will take place every 30 minutes.  

nSynergies, Inc.: 
pXRF Mapping: Chemistry in Context of Visual Features

A half-hour presentation will be offered at 12:00, 12:45, and 1:30 on Monday afternoon at the nSynergies/XGLab booth #119.  The presentation’s underlying theme is the importance of seeing what and where you are analyzing with portable XRF. The introduction will show the power of ELIO’s 1 mm spot size and laser focusing technology.  The bulk of the presentation will be devoted to portable and affordable XRF mapping.  Mapping puts chemistry in context of visual features of the art object.  Seeing the relationships between elemental distributions and visual features can reveal a far more complete and convincing story than spectra from point analyses.

Demonstrations will be offered from 12-12:30, 12:45-1:15, and 1:30-2.

Pixelteq: Multispectral Imaging for Cultural Heritage

PIXELTEQ will be demonstrating its flexible and portable multispectral imaging system. The system will be showing how one can take accurate color images using 8 parallel, narrow-band filters covering not only the visible band but also the near-infrared region to ‘see’ features otherwise missed with a regular color camera. The SpectroCam™ family of cameras covers from UV to SWIR (200nm – 1700nm). 

Demonstrations will occur every 15 minutes.

SIT Grupo Empresarial S.L.: Microclimated Frames

A preventive conservation system improved in the European Conservation Research Projects PROPAINT & MEMORI. New generation of passive microclimated containers for artworks with control of air quality and environmental parameters.

Demonstrations will occur every 15 minutes. 

New MiScope Megapixel Extended Field for non-contact imaging

We will demonstrate our new MiScope Megapixel Extended Field digital microscope which has non-contact imaging.  It can be used with a tripod adapter, or other stand for conservators to see less than 2 microns.

Demonstrations will take place every 10 minutes. 

Zone Display Cases: Oxygen-Free casework made accessible!

Zone Display Cases will be presenting our new anoxic display case model, to be used for both storage and exhibition of your most sensitive archival documents. See this maintenance-free, argon gas-filled/oxygen-free case at our booth # 316. Zone Display Cases are designed to Present, Preserve, and Protect your collection.

avatar for Pixelteq


PIXELTEQ provides OEM spectral imaging solutions for a variety of art and cultural heritage applications. Custom-selected spectral camera filters provide conservators a valuable tool for: non-invasive characterization, evaluating layers, revealing watermarks & hidden features, distinguishing inks & pigments, and authentication.
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Newco provides NDT products, including new and used x-ray equipment, UV lights/meters, video probes, and computed tomography systems, and the best prices – guaranteed – consulting, design, assembly, and installation services. Newco enjoys long-standing relationships with NDT’s leading equipment manufacturers to bring you what you need affordably.
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CEO, nSynergies, Inc.
As nSynergies, I distribute pXRF, combined Raman and XRF, and dedicated XRF mapping systems for XGLab, in Milan, Italy. I look forwwar to doing on-site demonstrations, showing you XGLab's unique "Analysis in Context" principle behind all its instrumentation. Our flagship product is ELIO, a 1 mm spot size pXRF system that can perform on-tripod mapping of 10cm X 10cm areas. ELIO is the word's only practical portable XRF mapping system. | | I... Read More →
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Zarbeco, LLC

Zarbeco manufactures handheld digital microscopes and imaging software serving art conservators for over 15 years. See our new extended field MiScope Megapixel 2 with 5x-140x magnification and up to 4 inch field of view with optional IR and UV LEDs and tripod mount.
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ClickNetherfield is a leading museum showcase manufacturer and designer with more than 70 years of expertise of working across the globe. Working regularly with Kings, Queens and Presidents as well as world famous museums, ClickNetherfield thrives upon the challenge of making designers’ and architects’ visions come to life. Design is at core of ClickNetherfield’s business and we are fully committed to creating unique solutions for every... Read More →
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Zone Display Cases

Director Business Development, Zone Display Cases
Zone Display Cases is a Canadian-based company that designs, manufactures and installs museum quality display cases all across North America and Mexico. We offer custom-built and standard cases, all built through a unique CAD/CAM process that guarantees an extreme precision and quality. | | Our first cases were designed and built over 10 years ago with the help of the Centre de Conservation du Québec (CCQ) and with the Canadian Conservation... Read More →
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Bruker Corporation

Bruker is one of the world’s leading analytical instrumentation companies. We cover a broad spectrum of advanced solutions in all fields of research and development. Bruker’s innovative methods and non-destructive analytical techniques help to protect and preserve artifacts and historical monuments all over the world.
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Dorfman Museum Figures

Dorfman Museum Figures, Inc.
Dorfman Museum Figures, Inc. is the leader in creating three-dimensional Ethafoam™ Conservation Forms for archival display and storage of your artifact garments. Choose between our full Economy ETHAFOAM™ Men Mannequins, our Dress and Suit Forms, Storage Hat Mounts, Storage Hangers, Classic Forms and more. We are continually adding to our line of products so let us know if you need something that you don’t see on our website... Read More →
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G.C. Laser Systems Inc.

G.C. Laser Systems Inc. designs and builds unique laser systems specifically for art and architecture conservation.  Our compact and portable systems, such as the GC-1, offer unmatched precision and control over the level of cleaning.  We also offer custom built laser cleaning solutions and laser cleaning training.
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Kremer Pigments

General Manager, Kremer Pigments Inc.
KREMER PIGMENTS has been discovering and redeveloping historical pigments and mediums since 1977. Our professional assortment consists of over 100 different mineral pigments made from precious and semiprecious stones, which we offer in various grinds and qualities, over 70 natural earth colors, several hundred ground glass pigments, mineral and organic pigments. Binders, glues, balsams, natural resins, oils, etc round off our pallet. Our large... Read More →
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SIT Grupo Empresarial S.L.

We are a Spanish Co. that maintain leadership in Europe on art handling, logistic and preventive conservation services. During the recent years, we were selected by the European Commission to participate in several Conservation Research Projects that improved significantly our microclimatic systems for preservation of artworks during transport, storage or exhibition.
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Applied Surface Technologies

Applied Surface Technologies
Applied Surface Technologies will demonstrate CO2 Snow Cleaning as applied to cleaning and restoring art. We will demonstrate the K1-10-Art-2 unit, which uses heated compressed air about the CO2 snow stream to clean different forms of art.

Monday May 16, 2016 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Room 210 CD/GH

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